Hal Gage offers a variety of workshops on photographic and computer topics. He has worked as a professional photographer for more than 30 years. He is an award-winning photographer, well-recognized for his art and commercial photography. He has taught photography and computer skills for more than 20 years. His workshops and classes have become staples among new and seasoned photo enthusiasts alike. Check back for updates and new offerings or sign up below for updates on current and future classes and workshops.

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Anchorage Botanical Gardens

June thru August, weekday evenings and weekends

Fee: $25 (Plus Entrance Fee)

Join me at the Anchorage Botanical Gardens for an hour or two of flower photography. Sign up to my mailing list and received notices (sometimes short due to weather and scheduling) on meet-ups to explore the finer points of photographing flowers. I discuss and demo: using flash, specialty lenses, creative effects, and composition.


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Meet Me at the Botanical Gardens

photographing outings

Annual Glacier Photography Adventure

May/June 2018

Fee: $350 (Includes Park Entrance Fees)*

No one knows the Matanuska Glacier (situated 100 miles north of Anchorage) better than Hal Gage. For 15 years Hal has explored and photographed the Mat Glacier, and has taught classes there for nearly a decade. Join Hal Gage for a two and one half day workshop on the Matanuska Glacier focusing on photographing the natural wonders of glaciers. This class is for all levels. Moderately strenuous hiking will be involved, but no vertical climbing or ropes. The glacier is very safe.

The workshop covers composition, exposure, equipment techniques for photographing on glaciers, and guiding to the best places to photograph on the Matanuska Glacier. Critiques and discussion will follow the first day's session at Sheep Mountain Lodge. Enjoy gourmet meals while discussing composition, digital photography tips and Adobe Lightroom techniques with RAW files. Workshop fee includes: three days of Glacier Park entrance fees, one-on-one photography instruction, and lessons on safely negotiating a glacier.

Participants are responsible for meals, lodging,  transportation (car pooling may be available), and crampons.

Crampons are available for rent at AMH: 272-1811.

Crampons and Microspikes are available at REI: 272-4565.

To book your lodging (limited availability, book early) contact:

Sheep Mountain Lodge (sponsoring lodge) at (907) 745-5121

Other accommodations available at:

Majestic Valley Wilderness Lodge, (907) 746-2930

Tundra Rose Guest Cottages, (907) 745-5865 or (800) 315-5865

For more info, email Hal Gage.



*Note: The Glacier Park has raised entrance fees and restricted access. This tour gives you full and unrestricted access to the glacier.

Glacier Photography Workshop

photographing the wonders of the Matanuska Glacier

I have taken part in several of Hal's workshops over the years, some more than once. He is an inspiring teacher, whose love of photography is infectious and who shares his knowledge with generosity and patience. Since leaving Alaska I have contacted him on numerous occasions for advice on technique, equipment and style and he always responds with thought and courtesy. If I lived closer I would do the workshops all over again! Heather

Photo by Hal Gage

Bird Point

Photographing Alaska's Summer Coastal Landscapes

June/July, 2018

Fee: $75

Hal Gage leads this annual two-day summer landscape photography workshop in the heart of Turnagain Arm, Alaska. Situated 30 miles south of Anchorage, Bird Point is one of the most unique locations and one of the last remaining untouched coastal interfaces on the Turnagain Arm. Hal Gage has been photographing there for over three decades.

Participants will explore the low tide silt flats, glacial carved rocks, seas of sedge grass and unique rock formations. Topics covered: composition, conceptualizing an image, exposure, equipment usage, and practical considerations of working on the tidal flats. All levels are welcome.

This weekend we will experience the lowest tides of the year. With predicted bore tides, it should be spectacular.

Dress in layers. Bring your camera with extra (fully charged!!) batteries, wide-angle and telephoto lenses, and tripod.

For more info, contact Hal Gage.

Bird Point

summer coastal photography

Photo by Hal Gage

I have greatly enjoyed attending Hal Gage’s photography workshops. Hal is a kind and patient teacher and freely shares his knowledge and expertise with the workshop attendees. I’ve learned many new skills and techniques and am looking forward to attending more of Hal’s workshops. I highly recommend him. Susan Serna

Photographing People

at the Alaska State Fair

Saturday, August 2018, 1–6pm

Fee $60


Street (reportage, social documentary, candid) photography has a long history. From the time that cameras and film became small enough to handhold and record action, street photography has become an important part of our cultural dialog. Early 20th century photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, and Robert Frank set the standards that give us the basis of the genre today.

In this one day workshop, Hal Gage leads a small group of photographers to the spectacle called the Alaska State Fair, in Palmer. Why the fair? Because all manner of people, events and things await the curious eye of the photographer.

Learn to look for and "see" odd juxtapositions others might pass by, how to approach people, gain access to get the best photographs, how to be inconspicuous to get truly candid images, and previsualize in B&W and color.

The workshop runs from 1pm to 5pm, Saturday, August 26. Participants will gather at the southeast entrance for a discussion on the topics of the workshop. Individually, participants will set out to find things to photograph and meet back at a planned rendezvous point to review work and get feedback. Yes, traffic is a pain, but just take it slow, it's worth the drive.

For more info, contact Hal Gage.


Street Photography

Photos by Hal Gage

[Hal Gage's] workshops are designed for one-on-one instruction, which makes it very helpful for novice and advanced photographers.... Each workshop with Hal is different and there are plenty of opportunities to learn and discover new things in this field. Sanjana

Maclaren Glacier and the Denali Hwy

luxury back country expedition

Maclaren River remote cabins

Denali Hwy, Alaska

Saturday thru Monday, September, 2018

Fee: $675

Last year's workshop was such a success, we're doing it again. Maclaren River Lodge (mile 42 of the Denali Hwy) is the jumping off point for the Maclaren Glacier, accessed by an exciting 30 minute jet boat ride up river. The glacier is a 5 mile hike from camp with spectacular views. Add to that, this is my favorite time of year on the "highway," peak time for golds, reds and browns blanketing the valleys and mountain sides. We'll have opportunities for Northern Lights and star photography and we'll finish with an (optional) canoe ride back down river for lunch at Maclaren River Lodge. The rustic camp site is complete with canvas sided cabins on platforms with cots, mess hall, and a latrine with one of the best views in Alaska! The 2 night trip is fully catered with gourmet meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Three-day workshop fee: $650 (lodging, transportation from Maclaren and meals included). Participants are responsible for getting to and from Maclaren River Lodge.

Bring your camera, tripod, sleeping bag, warm clothes and waterproof hiking boots, and get ready for a great weekend of photography.

———————————— • ——————————————

For those wishing to do more sight-seeing along the 138-mile Denali Hwy, add Friday and Tuesday (Sept. 1 and 5) to the trip. Book a room at Tangle River Inn on Friday night and at Alpine Creek Lodge on Monday night to extend this trip. We'll explore the valleys, lakes, and ancient eskers (winding gravel hills) left behind from the receding glaciers.

To make it a 5-day trip just add the cost of lodging and meals at Tangle River Inn and Alpine Lodge. Call for reservations.

For reservations contact:

Tangle River Inn (907) 822-3970  for September 1.

Alpine Creek Lodge (907) 743-0565 for September 4.

Camping and RV spots are available at both locations.

For more info, contact Hal Gage.



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