For more than 30 years, Hal Gage has offered his expertise in visual design. Starting out as a graphic artist in high school, studying painting, and photography in college, he established his commercial photography business (Gage Photo Graphics) in 1982. Since then he has received numerous awards for his ad campaigns and had work on the cover of (the late) Life Magazine.

Always the artist, his fine art photography started showing up in juried exhibitions in the late 70s, and by 1989 he had had his first one person show (a collection of nudes in Polaroid B&W originals entitled, Minutiae). Since that time he has had some 50 solo shows in 5 countries. His work has been included in several anthologies and is the subject of 3 monographs. He has been honored with several awards and recognitions including being a two time recipient of Rasmuson Foundation fellowships. His work has been widely collected privately, corporately and institutionally, including a permanent public display at the University of Alaska Museum of the North in Fairbanks, Alaska.

In 1988, his  "cut-and-paste" graphics work gave way to the early wave of computer graphics and desktop publishing. Self-taught, he became a go-to expert in computer aided design and prepress.

Gage was also an early adopter of computer manipulated imagery. Before digital cameras and inkjet printers, he experimented with scanning technologies and image setters (and later dye sublimation printers). His "digital art" was shown widely and gained a bit of notoriety within the small circles of the times.

In the early 90s he started getting commissions to design and create book covers. He quickly began designing and shepherding regional, national and international titles through the entire publishing process. With dozens of covers and a dozen titles, he has produced books for authors nationwide.

Today he continues to accept commercial assignments in the medical, industrial, corporate, and social non-profit fields.

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