Hal Gage offers a variety of workshops on photographic and computer topics. He has worked as a professional photographer for more than 30 years. He is an award-winning photographer, well-recognized for his art and commercial photography. He has taught photography and computer skills for more than 20 years. His workshops and classes have become staples among new and seasoned photo enthusiasts alike. Check back for updates and new offerings or sign up below for updates on current and future classes and workshops.

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Photographing People

at the Alaska State Fair

Saturday, August 25, 2018, 1–5pm

Fee $69


Street (reportage, social documentary, candid) photography has a long history. From the time that cameras and film became small enough to handhold and record action, street photography has become an important part of our cultural dialog. Early 20th century photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, and Robert Frank set the standards that give us the basis of the genre today.

In this one day workshop, Hal Gage leads a small group of photographers to the spectacle called the Alaska State Fair, in Palmer. Why the fair? Because all manner of people, events and things await the curious eye of the photographer.

Learn to look for and "see" odd juxtapositions others might pass by, how to approach people, gain access to get the best photographs, how to be inconspicuous to get truly candid images, and previsualize in B&W and color.

The workshop runs from 1pm to 5pm, Saturday, August 26. Participants will gather at the southeast entrance for a discussion on the topics of the workshop. Individually, participants will set out to find things to photograph and meet back at a planned rendezvous point to review work and get feedback. Yes, traffic is a pain, but just take it slow, it's worth the drive.

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Street Photography

Photos by Hal Gage

Meet Me at the Botanical Gardens

photographing outings

Photos by Hal Gage

Anchorage Botanical Gardens

June thru August, weekday evenings and weekends

Fee: $25 (Plus Entrance Fee)

Join me at the Anchorage Botanical Gardens for an hour or two of flower photography. Sign up to my mailing list and received notices (sometimes short due to weather and scheduling) on meet-ups to explore the finer points of photographing flowers. I discuss and demo: using flash, specialty lenses, creative effects, and composition.


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I have taken part in several of Hal's workshops over the years, some more than once. He is an inspiring teacher, whose love of photography is infectious and who shares his knowledge with generosity and patience. Since leaving Alaska I have contacted him on numerous occasions for advice on technique, equipment and style and he always responds with thought and courtesy. If I lived closer I would do the workshops all over again! Heather


Private Adobe Lightroom Classic


Fee: $350


Having a hard time finding that one image? Want to know the best workflow for processing your RAW files? This class lifts the veil on Lightroom and its powerful inner workings. Learn to import images like a pro, tag images with keywords and metadata for easy searches, process RAW files to pull the most out of them, configure and create jpgs, tifs and psd files for use outside of Lightroom (email, printing, post processing in Photoshop). This 4-night class will give you strong work habits and explain with in-class hands-on demo files how to efficiently use Lightroom. Learn tips and tricks of better looking images, portrait retouching, database searches, and much more. Classes run one night a week for 4 weeks. Class booklet and example files provided. Participants must have a laptop computer with Adobe Lightroom Classic installed.

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Over the past several years I have taken numerous classes and workshops from Hal Gage. I have found his teaching style to be the best I have encountered. Hal explains the work flow in a well defined manner that is easy to follow and understand. He welcomes questions without intimidating the asker and will go out of his way or spend time after class to make sure the material is understood. JWN

I use Lightroom everyday…. I learned more in 1 ½ hours with [Hal Gage], then I learned in a day long class [with other teachers]. Susan Serna

Adobe Lightroom

organize and process your digital files


I have greatly enjoyed attending Hal Gage’s photography workshops. Hal is a kind and patient teacher and freely shares his knowledge and expertise with the workshop attendees. I’ve learned many new skills and techniques and am looking forward to attending more of Hal’s workshops. I highly recommend him. Susan Serna

Private Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


Fee: $350


Want to take your digital captures to the next level? Want to know what to do with your "hero" images? Want to make composites of images that are sure to wow your viewers? Find out what's new in Photoshop CC. This 4-night course will help you learn how to unleash the power of Adobe Photoshop. intergated with Lightroom, you'll learn the basics of layering and masking, inside tips on effectively stitching images together for panoramas, creating HDR (high dynamic range) images without all the fuss. You will come away with a working knowledge of compositing images, selective exposure and color adjustments... all in a non-destructive workflow. Classes run one night a week for 4 weeks. Class booklet and example files provided. Participants must have a laptop computer with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 installed.

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Adobe Photoshop

taking your images to the next level

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